Hello My Name Is...

Stephanie Stanley RN BSN
Nursing Program Head 

Practical Nursing Applications for the Upcoming Year 2022 will be accepted from 
April 18-May 2, 2022. May be printed from this site along with $65.00 cash for ATI Entrance Test. Applications may be picked up first floor office at Ridgeview High School also. Please refer to Handbook for criteria for admission into program. All applications and fees must be turned in to Ridgeview High School first floor office no later than May 3, 2021 at 3:30 pm.
Please refer to links on this page for the Ridgeview Practical Nursing Hand Book and Application.
 My Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Friday 1:00-3:30 pm. I may be contacted by email sdbstanley@dcps.k12.va.us at any time , cell (276)-275-4774 or FB Messenger if you are a current student in Cohort 2022 or 2023 

NCLEX Pass Rates
for first time takers

2016 45.45%

2017 87.5%

2018 100%

2019 100 %

2020 88.9%


Refer to Kendra Mullins' Teacher Page for First Year Class Syllabi

Second Year Syllabi:

Med Surg 1 Syllabus
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_5990835/File/Staff Files/Career & Technical/Stephanie Stanley/Med Surg 1.doc

Med Surg 2 Syllabus 
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_5990835/File/Staff Files/Career & Technical/Stephanie Stanley/med surg 2.doc

Maternal Child Syllabus
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_5990835/File/Staff Files/Career & Technical/Stephanie Stanley/Maternal and Child Syllabi.doc

Mental Health Syllabus
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_5990835/File/Staff Files/Career & Technical/Stephanie Stanley/Mental health syllabi.doc

Refer to Anna Farr's Teacher Page for information on the Nursing Assistant Program at Ridgeview High School