Auto Collision Technology 
 Instructor: James  Moore
ASE  Natef  Master certified program 

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Hello! Thank you for viewing this page and welcome to the auto collision program where we take vehicles from
 Hunk of Junk to Sweet on the Street

Class Syllabus

August 14-18







Block I






Block II
1st year

Chapter 1
In class discussion            

shop work  plastic filler work and welding set up


cont. plastic fillers usage  and metal working /// shop work hands-on


class discussion chapter 1 cont.

 shop work

 Chapter 1 Workbook in binder

  Chapter 1 Auto body introduction finish up  start chp2 

Block III

2nd & 3rd year students
Chapter 34 estimating all week in class discussions  
Hands-on shop work


 Shop  getting ready for hands on  

 all week prep for prime and metal working

 chapter 34  workbook and job sheet in binder

cont. chapter 34  estimating &
shop work 

Block IV

2nd & 3rd year students

 same as 3rd block





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