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Hello My Name Is...

Rod Boyd
English Teacher

I am starting to integrate my plans into Google Classroom.  Please follow the links below to find more specific information for each of my classes.

1st Block Honors English 9:

3rd Block English 9:

4th Block Honors English 9:



English 9 Syllabus

English 9 is a required class that must be taken by all high school students before entering a higher grade-level English class.  While students do not take an SOL test in English 9, the class builds skills that will be tested in English 11.


Objectives – As a preparatory class for the SOL test, this class will build students’ abilities to

  • SOL 9.1 Participate in, collaborate in, and make multimodal presentations both independently and in small groups.
  • SOL 9.2 Produce, analyze, and evaluate media messages.
  • SOL 9.3 Apply knowledge of word origins, derivations, and figurative language to extend vocabulary development in authentic texts.
  • SOL 9.4 Read, comprehend, and analyze a variety of fictional texts including narratives, literary nonfiction, poetry, and drama.
  • SOL 9.5 Read and analyze a variety of nonfiction texts.
  • SOL 9.6 Write in a variety of forms to include expository, persuasive, reflective, and analytic with an emphasis on persuasion and analysis.
  • SOL 9.7 Self- and peer-edit writing for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, paragraphing, and Standard English.
  • SOL 9.8 Find, evaluate, and select credible resources to create a research product.



At various times, students will use Holt McDougal Literature: Grade 9; additional books may be used as supplements.  The students may take the book home when homework is assigned; also, students may access the entire contents of the book online or by using a DVD-ROM that has the book in PDF format.  Upon completion of assignments, students should return the books and/or DVDs to the classroom.  Books and DVDs must be turned back in at the end of the course with only normal signs of wear; otherwise, students must pay for repairs and/or for replacements.


Grading Policy

Students will have six different types of grades each grading period.  Each type of grade will make up a certain percentage of the students’ final grades, as shown below.

                Quizzes                                                   20% of final average

                Tests                                                        20% of final average

                Assignments                                           20% of final average

Major projects                                         20% of final average

Essays                                                     20% of final average

Students will also take a final exam at the end of the semester that counts as ten percent of the final average; students may be exempt from the final exam if they have an A average with no more than three class absences, a B average with no more than two class absences, or a C average with no more than one class absence.  Each nine weeks, the student’s average will be reduced by one point for each unexcused absence.



Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is necessary.  Upon returning to school, absent students should get an admission slip from the office. Each time a student misses this class, it is his/her duty to find out what work was missed and to complete that work.  An assignment log at the back of the class will show all written assignments that have not been turned in during the week.  Also, worksheets done in class will be in a tray at the front of the class for absent students to check upon returning. 


Students will have up to five days to turn in an assignment, but, if the absence is unexcused, the value of the assignment goes down ten points each day the assignment is late.  For example, a paper turned in two days late will still be taken, but the student will lose twenty points for being late.  After a week, any missed assignments will be recorded as zeroes that cannot be made up.   If a student is absent for more than three days in a row, the student may ask for an extension to turn in make-up work.  Any tests or quizzes missed during an absence must be made up by the following Friday.


Materials Needed

Students will need to have the following items for this class.

  • Either a three-ring binder or a three-subject notebook devoted only to this class
  • A pencil or pen (preferably blue or black ink)
  • Beyond the three-ring binder and pencils/pens mentioned above, students may consider bringing the following supplies to class: tabbed dividers, hole reinforcements, and post-it notes.

While I will try to provide tissue, hand sanitizer, pencils, and loose paper for student use, any donations of those items would be greatly appreciated.


Homework Policy

Students will typically have homework no more than two or three nights a week for English 9.  Once each week, the students will have a vocabulary quiz, so at the very least students should be studying those words during the course of the week.  



  • Students and/or parents may contact me between 9:40 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. at the high school to discuss any concerns or questions about this class.  You can also reach me via email at or by calling the school and leaving a voice mail message for me. 
  • I will send home a progress report every second Wednesday.Parents should sign and return those reports.If you do not receive a progress report for English within a two-week period, please contact me.


General Class Rules

In order to encourage students to be the best people that they can be, I expect all students to abide by the following rules in addition to the posted class and school rules.

  1. Follow along in reading.
  2. Turn in all assignments when due.
  3. Listen the first time that assignments are made.
  4. Refer to other teachers and administrators using the appropriate title.
  5. Put your trash in the trashcan.
  6. Show proper respect for other people’s property.
  7. Ask for permission to adjust the shades or to move desks.Please do not adjust the thermostat.
  8. Do not use insulting names for others.
  9. Do not push past others.
  10. Be polite and attentive to visitors.
  11. Do not spread gossip.
  12. Say, “Thank you.”
  13. Say, “Excuse me.”
  14. Say, “I’m sorry.”
  15. Do not brag when you win.
  16. Do not get angry when you lose.
  17. Follow all class rules when you have a substitute.
  18. Conduct yourself as though a person you greatly respect were watching you.


Breaking these rules may result in a loss of classroom privileges and rewards.





Thank you for taking an active interest in your son’s or daughter’s education.  I look forward to working with you to make this a successful year and gladly welcome any questions or comments that you may have.