Hello My Name Is...

David Vanover


Lead Teacher

Economics and Personal Finance (BUS-6120)

Ridgeview High School (276) 835-1600




TEXT:  Managing Your Personal Finances 6e (South-Western)



Students learn how to navigate the financial decisions they must face and to make informed decisions related to career exploration, budgeting, banking, credit, insurance, spending, taxes, saving, investing, buying/leasing a vehicle, living independently, and inheritance. Development of financial literacy skills and an understanding of economic principles will provide the basis for responsible citizenship and career success. In addition to developing personal finance skills, students in this course will also study basic occupational skills and concepts in preparation for entry-level employment in the field of finance.



  • Develop Consumer Skills
  • Plan for Transportation, Housing and Leisure Expenses
  • Handling Banking Transactions
  • Handling Credit/Loan Functions
  • Analyzing Insurance as Risk Management
  • Earning and Reporting Income
  • Conducting Tax Functions
  • Examining the Financial Implications of an Inheritance
  • Planning for Personal Financial Success
  • Devising and Investment and Savings Plan
  • Planning and Managing Aspects of a Business Enterprise
  • Exploring Management Functions
  • Developing Career Exploration and Employability Skills


List of class competencies are available upon request.


Grading system & Attendance:


            Daily work & Participation – 50%

Quiz – 20%

            Tests – 30%



It is very important that the student attends class.  If an absence is necessary, the student is still required to make up any work missed and to stay current with the class topics.  Absences and incomplete work will greatly affect the student’s grade.